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The concept of functional Quincy Sport equipment was conceived in 2011 and is a combination of passion, technology, and a unique style of products. Thanks to the synthesis of these features, Clock products are available in 130 countries around the world.

Products from Clock line are designed to meet the requirements of both professionals and those who are just beginning their adventure with functional training. According to research conducted in gyms, only 2% of people were able to do exercises that were dedicated to other rigs available on the market. Let’s be honest… What percentage of people you know can do 10 different exercises related to pull-ups on a bar? Quincy Sport has focused on the remaining 98%, and dedicated hundreds of low and medium difficulty exercises to this extensive group. Of course, all this was done without any losses for professional athletes.

Clock is compatible with all popular accessories, including: TRX, Bosu, Basket Bullet, Reebok Step, CrossCore, Stroops, Vipr etc.

The standard version of the Clock 12 Outdoor includes:

  • Structure Skeleton
  • Iron Halo System (for 7 columns)
  • Stainless Steel Plates (includes 13 pieces)
  • Hourglass
  • Monkey Bar – Up/Down
  • Monkey Bar – Spider Web
  • Monkey Bar – Hashtag
  • Pull-Up Bar Round
  • Pull-Up Bar Stainless Steel 33mm
  • Slanted Ladder
  • Gymnastic Handrails
  • Stall Bar – Vertical Ladder
  • Bar Freestyle H-190cm
  • Wall Ball Target – Basket Bullet
  • Torso Landmine (includes 2 units)
  • Flying Pull-Up Bar
  • Pull-Up Bar 7-Grip™
  • Slanted Rope Ladder
  • Lift for Rope Climbing
  • 1,5′ Rope
  • 2,0′ Rope
  • Plyometric Platform
  • Pull-Up Bar Mountains
  • Climbing Board – Stones
  • Airplane (includes 4 units)
  • Gymnastic Rings – Pair
  • AB Straps – Pair
  • Handles Braid™ – Pair
  • Handles Globe™ – Pair
  • Pull-Up Stones (includes 2 pairs)
  • Medicine Ball Basket Bullet

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